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Cold War Kids: actually did go to that 4/20 concert and it was, in fact, awesome. They played "Saint John" and really the only thing that would have been better would have been "Passing the Hat." also - the opening act was half of a local duo Young Coyotes and was surprisingly awesome as well.

The Decemberists: The Hazards of Love is so very...gah! I'm really just beyond grateful for its existence in this reality, because saying "I like it" is just too gross an understatement.

Pixels: neglected because I'm lazy! Ha!

MapleStory: addicted to it for 2 days a week!

Work: I have let go of almost all retail rage and have been existing in the mellow fields of ApathyLand for sometime now.

Bleach 364: FINALLY.

Buffy: I'm Season 8's bitch. Its weepy, slightly traumatized, little bitch. <33

=w= I'm gonna go to a Cold War Kids concert in April. GONNA PLAN ON IT! OH YEAH! I B MAKIN' PLANS LIKE A PLANNIN' FOOL ~ ! D: I also want to go see a concert at Red Rocks this year. Flight of the Conchords is going to be playing in like, May, and Iron and Wine (who is kind of just really awesome) will be opening.

...so I guess my future goal is to go to concerts this year! Outside of work (during which I truly am a lizbot: insert coin/recieve repetitive smalltalk) I'm kind of not...socialized, anymore. ='D The other day I almost told a bunch of people to "stop crowding!"

Also: The Knux are awesome. KHR is consuming. And I'm starting to think that the only reason reality TV is still big, is because sitcoms simply suck -that- badly.

Current Music: ....my mother's belly dancing instruction video...it's mildly disturbing,

D: One of my mom's clients gave her a laptop to give to me ~ ! So now I am once again computer enabled! ;w; I'm really happy to be able to pixel again ~ <3 I need to make lots of small cute things to make up for all the lost time #=w=# ~ !! I don't have internet, so I'll still pretty much be NOT EXTREMELY SOCIAL!LIZ but then that's no real change, once I think about it D: ...

Hurr...but even without constant internets I still am able to maitain a steady lineup of fingirly obsessions, the current titleholder being KHR/Reborn!/MAFIA HAREM OF WTF YES, which I've caught up with again. ='D haaaaaa...it's become such a dangerously addictive series. Hurrrr....XDDDD....liger!!

...and I seem to also have 99 episodes on Gintama, which I will be watching verily.

=w= I've tried to start making frienship bracelets again, like when I was like....13, and it's like, WOW. 13 year old girls are freaking skilled. :3 I've also gotten better at crochet! Before I could only make one single chain. But now that I've started again I can make...squares! Taaadaaa! XD Well...at least I can use them for pot holders.....even though I secretly had visions of making cute chrochet sheep plushies when I started again. (FAIL)

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Fairly alive, somewhat well, and without a computer for a year now. D: Why yes, I have played a lot of RPGs and read/reread a lot of books this past year. But have no fear for my health, I do go outdoors everyonce in a goodwhile(sometimes even in sunlight!)

OK SO. I shut my nipple in a door. My fucking nipple in a door. NO SHIT RIGHT?


(Though 24 hours ago I thought I might end up that way, OH THE PAIN)

Anyways, my computer died in december, can't even get it to turn on anymore. Was hoping to replace it with extra tax refund that should be coming this week, but (in typical fashion) I ended up in the emergency room with a fucking kidney stone and now get to pay hospital bills instead of having happy fun computer time anywhere in the near future. ='D Such is life. I miss you guys and computerland, and hopefully I'll be able to return eventually this year.



So... who here is megas cool nyaro~n?
If we were cool, why would we hang out here, instead of the fabled "Real World".
Megas cool.
hey, I went to the real world yesterdat
I went round to a friend's house and played videogames

Current Music: like this. like this. like this. u want it liek this?

"Kitty, hey! Longtime listener, first-time caller. I'm so glad you put me on."

"No problem. What's your story?"

"Well, I have sort of a question. Do you have any idea what kind of overlap there is between lycanthropes and the furry community?"


Current Music: kanye: stronger

Alright so I've been reading some new series and catching up with others...because I've been meaning to be more productive this week, and so I must avoid being productive at all costs!

Eyeshield 21: Thank god that game's over! DX I can't bring myself to read Deimon game arcs until they've been completed, cliffhangers drive me way to batshit. I'm glad Agon's still an asshole and wtf Honjou?! D': The Sakuraba+Monta fanboying was adorable. I think I liked the Naga game a bit more, tho, maybe because the pacing of the game was a bit different? Despite that, I really this last chapter.

Chocolat: I'm completely weak against yakuza!shoujo, and this is definitely not an exception. I really like the style of the manga, it suits the story to a T imo. The characters are what really charm me about the series, tho. I love their interactions, and that's what really keeps me reading and looking forward to further reading. The female lead, Chiyoko, is the sort that's a bit off putting at first but who grows into a favorite as you see more of her. ;w; She had me at "You're saying that you can't drink my beer?!" She's such a bully. Thoe poor yakuza guys.

Parfait Tic: OKAY. This time I've decided! I'm rooting for Daiya! That is all.

Nodam Cantabile: As good as people say it is (hawhaw, on IRC I'm always seeing things like "I hate all shouj cause it fucking sucks."..."Except Nodame!" Which actually made think at first that there was a lot of T&A in it or fighting lolibots in it or something....) One of those series where the art isn't spectacular, but that doesn't matter because of the story and characters. I really want to watch the anime and drama now...

Oksy so. I've gotten to 312 so far with that damnable tennis manga. And 4seriously: whattheshit.

I guess I like it...kinda. But I think I've gotten this far only due to a sort of morbid fascination. I mean. Really. How far will they go with these bizzare tennis power-ups?! I'm like...stuck in the land of "WHUT. Oh no he di'n!" while reading these matches.

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