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no me gusta
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no me gusta [userpic]

Really... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-MN0FT63fM - I am just so totally weak to this. D': I'm a big pop-h0!

:3 Also, that song "Carry-out"...? I fucking love that, with all those skeezy-lame come-ons.

There's this MMO coming out soon, APB, and it has me like, severely tempted. The character creation aspect of it alone make me get all hot bothered. Remaking my old and new OCs, designing clothes and cars for them, and then sending them out into a world where they get to shoot the shit out of other shit? That's pretty damn close to a wet dream. Of course, this laptop would like, catch on fire if I tried to play a game like APB on it, so...it'll have to wait until whenever I get a new computer but still, this is so freaking sexy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHcIwBDMqfo


customizable people! THAT IS REALLY AWESOME.


My boyfriend pre-ordered it and I'm not sure I'll play it since the actual gameplay is similar to GTA (which I never played at all).
I find the economy part interesting however, what with artists who design tattoos for example can earn currency to trade in for game time or such. :O
Do post here if you start playing it and what your IGN is XD. I'll most likely get sucked into it. X3

D: Even tho I won't even be able to play until I get a new comp, I'm tempted to pre-order too, just for the stupid-ass pose emotes you get as a bonus XDD
And yeah, the more I see about the design aspect the more sure I am that it will eat hours and hours of my life just doing that.

Huuuuu! *gnaws* WILL DO!

I was actually excited to hear you were interested in the game for that reason!
"liz art omg~ <3" XD