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no me gusta
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January 2013
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no me gusta [userpic]

On the downside:

- 2010 has been a shit year of shit, some of which is of my own making, the rest just that shit that happens sometimes all at once until it forms a big shitball that runs you down. And then you emo and anti-socialize for almost half a year.

On the upside:

- still employed!
- not homeless!
- no kidney stone/horrific accident involving nipples/severe tooth pain! So far!

On the music side:

- Florence + The Machine
- Them Crooked Vultures
- Pendulum
- Almost Alice (I am totally not interested in seeing the actual movie! Or any movie with "3-D" in the title tbh! But I really do like the soundtrack, esp the 3oh!3-does-Disney number)
- a shameless amount of pop and hip-hop singles

On the TV side:

-I bought and watched all the available DVD sets for Supernatural. D: Then I got my mom hooked. She's a total Deangirl.

On the book side:

- A crapton of Meg Cabot. D:> I don't even know why. One moment I was looking at the summary of one, and then I suddenly woke up a few days later on top of a pile of paperbacks. They're like the Vegas Wedding of literature.

On the anime/manga side:

- Durarara!! D:!@@@@ OHMYGOD. The manga, the anime, and what I can find translated of the novels is...!!! BEST CRACK EVER.

- KHR: the mafia harem is ever expanding.

- Oresama Teacher: because highschool!gangster-shoujo is the best shoujo.