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no me gusta
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no me gusta [userpic]

I have de-iced my fridge. For some reason this makes me feel very adult. As opposed to lame teenager or cranky elderly. D: I wonder if there will ever come a time when I feel like a grown-up for at least most of the day?

Also: I don't have cable (or any, really) tv, but I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to both Bravo and The Food Network. D:!


I do adult things, and yet I frequently feel like a flailing child doing something beyond her years. Setting up a ROTH IRA bank account? B-But I'm so young!!

...I had to google that since I was pretty sure it wasn't an account with the Irish Republican Army. ='D I have to say, I'm impressed with anybody who does anything involving taxes beyond a W-4.

I think as long as you can use icons like that, you are in no danger of succumbing to Adulthood anytime soon. :D

(I like the Food Network! I live vicariously through those people! Not the tense cake-making people, though, that is a waste of food, also, tense.)

D': Hurray! Redemption through iconage! Thank god for wtf mafia!anime~ <3

(D: I have to say, I like the cake ones. Especially when they do "random" teams that pair people who have a history or hating each other. There's also the happy cake making people with the storm trooper helmet...

...food network likes it some cakes.)

*grins* The Food Network is one reason why Ducky and I need to have cable or some other service eventually. Also, History and National Geographic and Animal Planet. and the Home/Garden channel. Yeeeeeaaaahhhh.

XD I visit my mom and fern on my days off. I feel bad about taking complete control of their remote for two days.

But not bad enough to stop, of course. My guilt is of the subtle sort, resulting in sad, regretful looks as I maintain a death grip on the remote because the secret ingredient is EGGPLANT for godsake, and how can anybody possibly want to watch something else under those circumstances?!