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Still in CO ~
Lurking the internet ~
B&Cing ~
TiHing ~
RPing ~
Fandoming ~

I'm on tumblr but I just use it to follow fandom shit and peoples ~ same with twitter ~ "followers" is so creepy ~ why can't we be "friends" ~ internet you've gotten so creepy ~ and you've taken me with you

Eaten by Gaia still. Though I am lagging behind on magical girlness, it's mainly because I'm running a B&C/mass school rp/minigame/fucking clickables yeah!-shop, with several other amazing peeps and artists. This is the most social and downright productive I'm been online or IRL in years, and I'm having a total blast.

:'3 So yeah ~ GO ME!

and if you like clickable pets: http://www.thesporkedken.com/adopt/index.php <--- go for it!

Do you ever stop and wonder to yourself, "What ever happened to that kid who drew all the busty digimon characters that shot milk out of their nipples?"

Because I do.

(wonder that is, my nipples are definitely still lacking in lactose)

In the Name of the Moon: DX It ate my mind for several months, and then I was MIA for like four months, wtf, and the fact that I'm able to slip my character back into it, that people still want to RP with me (flakey as I am) and that its still just so damn fun, to do so? Is freaking awesome and makes me feel giddy about it all over again.

Pixels: ...~___~ I haven't done anything in months, need to start again and finish some things.

Dexter: The season finale made my mom get all traumaface that they left it like that. I <3 traumaface ~ <3

Maplestory: I really totally love the new Aran class, but every time I play I get this horrible choppy-ass lagthing going on. :x Pretty sure it's something with computer, since it's now starting to happen with other programs. Need to start saving up and looking out for some good deals. Also: EVERYBODY IN MY GUILD LEFT AND IS PLAYING WOW. YOU BASTARDS.

Pho: Is wonderful ~ <3

Oh, BLEACH. Your DBZ is showing.

Really... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b-MN0FT63fM - I am just so totally weak to this. D': I'm a big pop-h0!

:3 Also, that song "Carry-out"...? I fucking love that, with all those skeezy-lame come-ons.

There's this MMO coming out soon, APB, and it has me like, severely tempted. The character creation aspect of it alone make me get all hot bothered. Remaking my old and new OCs, designing clothes and cars for them, and then sending them out into a world where they get to shoot the shit out of other shit? That's pretty damn close to a wet dream. Of course, this laptop would like, catch on fire if I tried to play a game like APB on it, so...it'll have to wait until whenever I get a new computer but still, this is so freaking sexy: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LHcIwBDMqfo

On the downside:

- 2010 has been a shit year of shit, some of which is of my own making, the rest just that shit that happens sometimes all at once until it forms a big shitball that runs you down. And then you emo and anti-socialize for almost half a year.

On the upside:

- still employed!
- not homeless!
- no kidney stone/horrific accident involving nipples/severe tooth pain! So far!

On the music side:

- Florence + The Machine
- Them Crooked Vultures
- Pendulum
- Almost Alice (I am totally not interested in seeing the actual movie! Or any movie with "3-D" in the title tbh! But I really do like the soundtrack, esp the 3oh!3-does-Disney number)
- a shameless amount of pop and hip-hop singles

On the TV side:

-I bought and watched all the available DVD sets for Supernatural. D: Then I got my mom hooked. She's a total Deangirl.

On the book side:

- A crapton of Meg Cabot. D:> I don't even know why. One moment I was looking at the summary of one, and then I suddenly woke up a few days later on top of a pile of paperbacks. They're like the Vegas Wedding of literature.

On the anime/manga side:

- Durarara!! D:!@@@@ OHMYGOD. The manga, the anime, and what I can find translated of the novels is...!!! BEST CRACK EVER.

- KHR: the mafia harem is ever expanding.

- Oresama Teacher: because highschool!gangster-shoujo is the best shoujo.

I've finished reading through Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro and I think it's made me slightly more perverted.

Current Music: Florence and the Machine (SO FREAKING AWESOME)

I have de-iced my fridge. For some reason this makes me feel very adult. As opposed to lame teenager or cranky elderly. D: I wonder if there will ever come a time when I feel like a grown-up for at least most of the day?

Also: I don't have cable (or any, really) tv, but I'm pretty sure I'm addicted to both Bravo and The Food Network. D:!

Shakira's She Wolf is so terribly addictive. (And her little "aauuuuu" is so fcking cute omg)

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